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Being psychic, having angels kibitzing over my shoulder since the age of two, has meant getting my nose rubbed in reality more than a lot of people. It’s hard to keep running from the truth when it’s banging on your door all day long. 


Being psychic has taught me that I have particular gift for discerning what's true and what's not in some very practical ways. And I've been sharing this gift with clients for going on 30 years now.


So often, we're focusing our energies on what we might call "the problem" in our lives, the central issue, when really, it's just a symptom of an entirely different problem. Or even a complete distraction from the real issue, and we just don't know it. All too often, it's the result of our neglecting something we're not even aware of, something we've been neglecting so long, we've forgotten it was ever an issue. 


We find ourselves expending so much energy with absolutely nothing to show for it at the end of the day. We feel depleted and discouraged and off center, ungrounded.


What I've learned from the angels is this: there's always something very near at hand that we can fruitfully expend our energies on, something that will show real progress and bring more balance and clarity into our lives. And that clarity then carries over very naturally into the acute trouble we've been obsessing over and unable to budge.


It's really beautiful to see a client who came into their session with me with such hopelessness, thinking they've exhausted every possibility, come to realize what's really at issue, and to watch their minds take hold of this new/old problem and get to work on it, then and there! They leave calmed, resolved and with a new sense of purpose. I see this every day in my work.


So, yeah, if there's some part of your life where you're really stuck, if you've been stuck there for years, even decades of your life, given up on getting any movement there, I can help get you moving again. 


And it won't take a six week internet course; you won't have to buy my book. In as little as an hour and 45 minutes (give or take), you can have your answers. Reclaim your sense of purpose, feel productive and focused again. Wouldn't that be awesome?! <3

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