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Are you feeling stuck? Are there problems in your life you've just given up on doing anything about, because, no matter what you try, they just don't budge? So, you've come to accept them as part of the landscape? "The cost of doing business?" Like an old bridge that washed away years ago, and you've been driving the extra 20 miles to get around it so long that you don't give it a second thought now?

The Graphic Healing Practice is for you! In less than two hours of drawing with oil pastels, you can get that stuckness, if not flowing, at least *nudge* it a little towards healing. And that nudge can begin a process of finally getting some positive change! I've seen it countless times in workshops now.

This is not your typical art class! 

kevin graphic healing.jpg

The skills we will employ are not technical, but experiential. We will be using the medium of art as a process of self-exploration, to get to know ourselves better without words. This is a unique method to bring our subconscious healing power to the surface, make it literally visible, and change our lives.


And, as I said above, this method can be particularly helpful in getting stuck energy moving again - transforming what has felt hopeless into something more mysterious and alive than we realized. Anything from physical symptoms, to stuck grief, to self-destructive habits can be shifted and eventually cleared incorporating this method.


This work is a direct outgrowth of my intuitive counseling practice in which I guide my clients to a greater understanding of their own deepest wisdom. In this workshop, we’ll each create a visionary “portrait” of something we’re struggling with inside, and transform our portrait, over the course of the 2 hour process, into something new and more reflective of our true wholeness and beauty.


Each portrait will describe a powerful journey, taking us through stages of (1.) Imagining the origin of our suffering in our past, (2.) Moving safely into communion with its darkest potential, and finally (3.) Bringing the energies we’ve invoked into harmony and balance in the here and now. 


If this all sounds a little bit strange, a little bit woo-woo, that’s ‘cause it is!

To keep updated on upcoming opportunities to attend Graphic Healing Practice, please check out my events on Facebook, by clicking HERE.

Examples of Graphic Healing portraits produced by Kevin
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