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The Reality Doula

what is a reality doula?

They say every crisis is an opportunity. I say, every crisis presents about a thousand opportunities, but which one do we choose? That’s the question I'll help you answer.


I won’t just hand you an obvious, one-size-fits-all “right” choice, but guide you to the one choice that’s right for you. Right now.

And you’ll know it’s right, because you’ll feel it. The guidance I offer is entirely a function of how strongly my words resonate with your own inner knowing.


What I’m saying is: if it looks as if your life is falling apart, it's not. There’s real, immediate help available. If you need to make a breakthrough, I can get you there.


In just a single session, usually in less than two hours, I can guide you back to your reality. Back to the truth.

If you're intrigued, click the button below to learn more about why anyone would need a "reality doula," scroll down to explore the specific services I currently offer, or click on my "Bio" above to learn more about how I became a Reality Doula.


How I Can

Help You